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Organic Ginger Powder

Ginger has many medicinal properties. Ginger is known to help ward off nausea and  cramping while also regulating blood sugar levels and relieving indigestion. It's warm Aromatic smell compliments it's citrus earthy flavor. Ginger Powder has a multitude of everyday uses. It can be added to your Morning Coffee or Tea. It's also great infused in Water, Smoothies, Stir Fries, Marinades & Sauces. 

Red Onion Bits

This Beautiful Purple Root is often overlooked for its wide array of health benefits. Red Onion is widely known for its ability to dissolve blood clots, reduce blood pressure, fight infections and prevent cardiovascular disease.  These Red Onion Bits can be taken on the go and used as salad toppers, added to soups, meat dishes, omelettes, potatoes or any dish of your chosen. 

Dehydrated Orange Wheels

Dehydrated Orange Wheels are a must have for any home. Place an Orange Wheel in your cup and watch as it rehydrates back to its original tangy form. These go great infused in Water, Tea or Adult Beverages. 


Oooh, sookie, sookie, look what arrived today! We are highly satisfied. The aroma, lawd! I feel healthier just sniffing them. We can't wait to use them in smoothies and dishes. Y'all please check out this Sisters business and support her-She's a producer!

Yolanda Jacobs

Nice part about your products, I know you put the work in and use Organic Ginger!

Victoria Walker

Coming from an old school player like myself.....All I know is her momma should've named her Sojourner because this woman is the "The Truth"-when it comes to nutritional supplements.

Rod Armstead